The goal of the Beam Hub is to provide trusted, valuable resources to help you on your journey back into work.

We know that it's really hard getting that first opportunity after some time out of work, but we also know some things that help. Here at Beam, we've supported hundreds of amazing individuals that were either homeless or at risk of homelessness back into stable work. Over the last few years we've built up a range of tips and tricks to help make the job searching process that little bit easier, and more successful too: 80% of people who have been through the Beam programme start work in their chosen career.

Those tips and tricks were mainly in our head and we wanted to make these available to anyone that might find them useful. So we've made versions that you can read, watch and engage with yourself. And we've housed all of these resources in the Beam Hub.

We hope you enjoy the resources & a huge good luck from the whole Beam community on your job hunting journey 💙

Note: Although these resources are mostly geared to the community that we work with - those that are homeless or recently homeless - a lot of the tips are relevant to anyone returning to the workplace.